Sunday, January 29, 2006

kailan lang

kalian lang ako
napayapa’t natauhan
na higit ang `Yong pagpapala
kaysa sa aking kakanyahan
na ang buod ng aking buhay
ay pagbukadkad sa hangganan
dahil sa Iyong pagmamahal
ang paglalakbay pala’y


para kay kuyakoy

*photo taken @ arvisu.jesuit.prenovitiate, copyright dougs joson 2006

Saturday, January 07, 2006


the following was a reflection i shared with the sto. domingo community during the eve of the new year in 2003. that year was the year when i left dominican formation after 8 meaningful years. i actually left on jan26, a few weeks after i posted this reflection. in gratitude for the many graces that i have received since then and in anticipation of another year of journeying with the Lord, allow me to republish it here.


each second. every moment.

fleeting. yondering. fading into the yawning recesses of our memories. shining from the urging imminence of our upcomings.

as man, we are both keepers of the past and heralds of the future. reflectively enlightened by the ingrained former. responsibly emboldened by the hovering latter.

as man, we are the site where the has-been’s and the will-be’s of our lives present themselves. the nexus of time.

as man, we are the fulcrum, the pivotal point of all our recollections and dreams, all our triumphs and defeats, all our anguish and hopes.

as man, we are the itinerant pilgrim ever dwelling in the stories that we weave. on our own. with others. in the stories they weave in ours. in the stories they weave from ours.

in and by our weaving, we hope to unravel ourselves to the mystery of life as a gift. a blessing. a calling.

each second. every moment.


life is precious because it is vulnerable. a precious life is to be lived in responsibility and in gratitude.

in responsibility because of the perennial peril of falling. of making mistakes. of succumbing to indiscretion. every instance is a call to care. every minute an invitation to be care itself.

during the times when we, either individually or collectively, falter, let us yield neither to anguish nor to hate. in the face of sundered relationships, severed communications and spurned trusts, let us dare to break the despondent cycle of violence.

let us utter a word of hope and offer a hand of peace to a world marred by sin and death – for as man, we are the ciphers through which the Word of Life and Love speaks and reaches out to the world.

our God has embraced this vulnerability in His mercy and compassion. for this, we are immensely grateful.

each second. every moment.

yearning to live. responsibly. gratuitously.

let us begin with ourselves.

let us begin with our community.

hapi new year.

Lk 2:16-21
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God