Monday, November 13, 2006

an ode of lament

since we are on the matter of relationships (cf. previous blog entry, nicking numbers), i'd like to share a recent poem about sadness.

although acknowledging our sadness may lead some to despair and desolation, i believe that a healthy awareness of this particular aspect of our lives helps ground us in whatever relationships we choose to enter into or leave behind.


there is a sadness of the heart
that can never be dismissed
by a wave of wit
nor drowned
by a sea of smiles

for it is a sadness
that speaks more personally
than the crowd of life

for there is a sadness
that sings more tenderly
with the poetry of silence
and the whispers
of the heart

111206, sun
11:38pm - to all that was, is and will be

*photo taken @ boracay island, copyright dougs joson may2006


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